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David Weedon Ao Md Frcpa Fcap(Hon)
J.D. Lawson
The International Agency for Research on Cancer; Editor-P.E. LeBoit; Editor-G. Burg; Editor-D. Weedon; Editor-A. Sarasin
D.H. & Weedon, L.L. & Fenn, George Manville & Knight, Arthur Lee & et al, Parry
D.H. Parry. L.L. Weedon. George Manville Fenn. Arthur Lee Knight et al
Weedon M.J. & Taylor P.D.,
Weedon M.J. & Jones C.G. Taylor P.D.
Taylor, P. D. & Weedon, M. J.
D Weedon

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Parry, D H , Weedon, L L , Fenn, George Manville and Others
Lindley, Percy; Weedon, Julian D [illus.]
edit. by R J Roberts, contribs. incl: Robert D Pepper; R J Roberts; Margaret Weedon; Paul V Thompson; Bent Juel-Jensen; D H Woodward; Paul Morgan
G. A. Henty, D. H. Parry, C. Bingham, E. Nesbit, Sheila Braine, L. L. Weedon, G. R. Glasgow etc
Weedon, Thomas
C.L. Berry (Editor), S.M. Burge (Contributor), A.C. Chu (Contributor), B.M. Goudie (Contributor), R.B. Goudie (Contributor), A.S. Jack...
George & Weedon Grossmith
K.C. Dunham, R.N. Thompson and D.S. Weedon] G M Brown [With contributions by H.I. Drever
Symmers, W. S. (editor); Weedon, D. (editor)
Brown [With contributions by H.I. Drever, K.C. Dunham, R.N. Thompson and D.S. Weedon], G M
C.O.D. (Technical Branch) Weedon
Weedon, Chris
Clifton, Merritt edited by. with W D Ehrhart, Syd Weedon; Tom Suddick et al
Fenn, G Manville / Parry, D H / Braine, Sheila / Dawson, E / Weedon, L L / Everett-Green, E
Harry Weedon
Weedon, L L [Transl]
LeBoit Philip E., Burg C., Weedon D., Sarasin A.
Lord Alexander of Weedon
Weedon, Lucy L.
George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith
Weedon, David/ Strutton, Geoffrey (Contributor)/ Rubin, Adam I., M.D. (Contributor)
Weedon, Geoff / Ward, Richard