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Colin M Turnbull
Stephanie Turnbull
Toby K. Levine

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NORBU, Thubten Jigme & TURNBULL, Colin M.
Ronald Turnbull
Turnbull, C.
Colin Pooley, Jean Turnbull
Pooley, Colin G.
Lynn Caine, Colin M. Turnbull, Jay Robert Nash, Jim Bishop
Penrose, Jane
Albert Sydney Hornby, Sally Wehmeier, Colin McIntosh, Joanna Turnbull, Michael Ashby
Dietz, Betty Warner, and Michael Babatunde Olatunji; Colin Turnbull (intro.)
Norbu, Thubten Figme and Colin M. Turnbull
Turnbull, Stephanie // Parker, Laura (Design) // King, Colin (Illustration)
Adapter-Colin Higgins; Adapter-Denis Cannan; Introduction-Colin Turnbull
Alastair Reid,Gael Turnbull,Magi Gibson,Tom Leonard,Andrew Brown,Mary Seenan,D S Mackenzie,Angus McFarlane,Nick Melville,Michael Venditozzi,Joy...
Turnbull, Colin Illustrator: Illustrated by Richard M. Powers
PYGMÄEN / KONGO - Turnbull, Colin M.
Elisabeth Hoffmann Dietz, Michael Babatunde Olatunji, Richard M. Powers (Illustrator), Colin M. Turnbull (Introduction)
GARNER (Nathan C.) and Colin Turnbull directors
Schneider, Harold K.
NORBU (Thubten Figme) and Colin M. Turnbull
Stephanie Turnbull, Colin King, Mylene Kummerling
Norbu, Thubten Jigne & Colin M. Turnbull
Severin, Timothy (Foreward by Colin M. Turnbull)
Turnbull, Colin M. und Borbu, Thubten Jigme