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Cleveland Amory

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TV Guide) [cover by Albert MacKenzie Watson] [Benjamin Stein, Eric Levin, Bill O'Hallaren, Leslie Raddatz, Gerry Nadel, Melvin Durslag, Cleveland...
TV Guide) [cover by Alfred Eisenstaedt] [Melvin Durslag, Jeanie Kasindorf, Dwight Whitney, Edith Efron, Cleveland Amory]
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TV Guide) [cover by Mindas] [JOhn A. McCone, John Pashdag, Arnold ano, William Marsano, Clive Barnes, Cleveland Amory]
TV Guide) [cover by Richard R. Hewett] [Michael Ryan, Harold C. Schonberg, Melvin Durslag, Neil Hickey, Larry Balmagia, Benjamin Stein, John...
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