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Christopher De Hamel
Crane, Christopher A.; Hamel, Mike
Christopher Hamel Cooke
Michael Olmert

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Donald Jackson Kerr
Michelle P. Brown
Manion, Margaret M.
Manion, Margaret M.; Vines, Vera F.; De Hamel, Christopher
Backhouse, Janet, Christopher de Hamel & Rowan Watson
De Hamel, Christopher and Richard A Linenthal (edi
Illuminated Manuscript]: de Hamel, Christopher:
Backhouse, Janet & de Hamel, Christopher
De Hamel, Christopher (commentary)
de Hamel, Christopher (introduction by); Donald Jackson (essay by)
Dr Christopher De Hamel (Consultant)
De Hamel, Christopher & Barber, Richard
De Hamel, Christopher; and Johnstone, Bettina M
Donald Jackson; Jane Borchers; Joan White; Christopher De Hamel; John Stevens; Ann Hechle; Guillermo Rodriguez-Benitez;...
Myers, Robin and Michael Harris (edited by) [Christopher de Hamel, T. A. Birrell, Robin Myers, David Hall, Ronald Browne, Julian Roberts, Esther...
Sotheby's) [foreword by Lord Gowrie and John L. Marion] [DAvid Battie, David Bennett, Christopher de Hamel, Stephen Roe, Kevin L. Tierney, Nancy...
De Hamel, C.; Roxburghe Club
HAMEL, Christopher de [intr]
Christopher de Hamel [ Sotheby's ]
Christopher De Hamel and Richard A. Linenthal
SOTHEBY & de HAMEL, Christopher
Crofton Black
De Hamel (Christopher)
Hamel (Christopher de)
HAMEL (Christopher de) & LINENTHAL (Richard A.) Editors
HAMEL. Christopher de
BACKHOUSE, Janet and Christopher de Hamel.
Jost, Christian (Komponist); Hakim, Naji (Komponist); Komarova, Tatjana (Komponist); Larcher, Thomas (Komponist); Lens, Nicholas (Komponist);...
Freuler Gaudenz ( H.E.Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi ,with an essay of Christopher de Hamel )