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Anthony Sampson
Peter Maas

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William Whittingham; Thomas Gilbey; Anthony Sampson
William Sampson, Anthony Kohlmann
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John Haycraft
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Pienaar, S & Sampson, Anthony
Sampson (Editor), and Church (Editor), and Sampson, Anthony (Editor)
Stein, Sylvester (Sampson, Anthony)
Thwaite, Anthony (ed.); lasky, Melvin J. (ed.); Gross, Johannes; Zinoviev; Sampson, Anthony; Enright, D.J.; Et al
Ursula Owen (Editor)
Waller, Derek G./ Sampson, Anthony P., Ph.D./ Renwick, Andrew G./ Hillier, Keith, Ph.D.
William Whittingham, Anthony Gilby, Thomas Sampson