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Abbe Prevost
Prévost (Abbé)

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Denis Creagh Moylan, Abbe Prevost, Tony Johannot
Prevost Abbe 1697-1763
Richardson, Samuel
Prévost, Abbé, 1697-1763
Prevost, L'Abbe / John Manton (trans.) / S.W.Coleman (illusts.)
MILES, Allie Lowe. Adapted by Bess Meredyth [from the novel by Abbe Prevost]
Massenet, Jules
Marcus Cicero
Abbe Antoine Francois Prevost
Abbe Prevost (trans. DC Moylan)
Prevost, Antoine/ Prosper Merimee
Jones, Jr., James F.
Massenet, Jules With Henri Meilhac & Phillipe Gille
Massenet, Jules. Henri Meilhac And Philippe Gille
Massenet, Jules; Prévost, Abbé; Gille, Philippe; Meilhac, Henri; Tracey, Edmund
Leloir, Maurice; The AbbÈ PrÈvost; Guy de Maupassant; The Abbe Prevost; Antoine FranÁois PrÈvost; Antoine FranÁois PrÈvost d'Exiles
Moylan, Abbe Prevost, D. C.
Prevost & Merimee
Prevost Abbe and Merimee Prosper
PREVOST D'EXILES, Abbé. WADDELL, Helen [Translator]
Prevost, Abbe, 1697-1763, Johannot, Tony, 1803-1852, Moylan, Denis Creagh
Prevost, Abbe. Maupassant, Guy De
Prévost, Antoine and Mérimée, Prosper
Prevost, L' Abbe, and John Austen. Manon
The Abbe Prevost; De Maupassant, Guy (Preface); Leloir, Maurice (Illustrations)
Prevost (The Abbe), Waddell (Helen)