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W. C. Riley Publisher
Henry Jacob Winser
National Railway Publication Company
Allen, W. F. (editor)
Edwards Brothers Incorporated.
VERNON, Edward (Editor).
W. Pembroke Fetridge
Karl Baedeker
Edward Bancroft
G.R. de Beer
Marybeth Bond
China - Mirsky, Jeannette (Hrsg.)
Feeney, James (Ed.)
Gabriele Foccardi
Fotografie -
Goodrich / Cameron
John F. W Herschel
Charles E Kany
L.Carrington Goodrich and Nigel Cameron
Mirsky, Jeannette (Ed.)
Audrey Niffenegger
Robert Nikirk
Robinson Spider
Esther Singleton
F. R. G. S T.Philip Terry
Warren S Tyron
Vernon, Edward (Comp. )
Wheeler, H.H. & Vernon, Edward(Editors)

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Carrington Goodrich, L. and Cameron, Nigel
Vernon, Edward. [National Railway Publication Company]
Reisebeschreibungen - Kurt Wilhelm (Hrsg.)