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The Best Business Stories of the Year 2004 Edition

ISBN 140003146X / 9781400031467 / 1-4000-3146-X

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Book summary

Spend! Spend! Spend! Where Did Tycos Money Go? by James B. Stewart, from The New Yorker

The Decline and Fall of the Cult of Equity by Andrew Hill, from the Financial Times

The Death of One American Dream by Shirleen Holt, from The Seattle Times

Shattered Dynasty by Suzanna Andrews, from Vanity Fair

For Richer by Paul Krugman, from The New York Times Magazine

In Defense of the Boom by Michael Lewis, from The New York Times Magazine

The Telecom Booms Dark Remnants by Michael Guillen, from The Oregonian

Rich Man, Poor Company by Chris OBrien and Jack Davis, from the San Jose Mercury News

Deciding on Executive Pay: Lack of Independence Seen by Diana B. Henriques and Geraldine Fabrikant, from The New York Times

How It All Fell Apart by Johnnie L. Roberts, from Newsweek

Planet Starbucks by Stanley Holmes, Drake Bennett, Kate Carlisle, and Chester Dawson, from BusinessWeek

The Google Gods by Stefanie Olsen, from CNET

Up Against Wal-Mart by Karen Olsson, from Mother Jones

Is Our Children Learning? by Julie Landry, from Red Herring

The Investigation: How Eliot Spitzer Humbled Wall Street by John Cassidy, from The New Yorker

Inside the Rock by Loch Adamson, from Worth

Unfair Disclosure by Bob Drummond, from Bloomberg Markets

Inside McKinsey by John A. Byrne, from BusinessWeek

Alliance Capitals Bad Bets by Edward Robinson, from Bloomberg Markets

Where the Moneys Really Made by Andy Serwer, from Fortune

The Economics of Empire by William Finnegan, from Harpers Magazine

The Debt Bomb by Jonathan R. Laing, from Barrons

Big Bucks, Small Town, Bond Haven by Noelle Haner-Dorr, from Orlando Business Journal

Flight into the Red by Steve Huettel, from the St. Petersburg Times

Full Price: A Young Woman, an Appendectomy, and a $19,000 Debt by Lucette Lagnado, from The Wall Street Journal

The Fall of Andersen by Delroy Alexander, Greg Burns, Robert Manor, Flynn McRoberts and E. A. Torriero, from the Chicago Tribune

Why Good Accountants Do Bad Audits by Max H. Bazerman, George Loewenstein and Don A. Moore, from Harvard Business Review

Troubling OptionsInside the Tough Call at Sprint by Rebecca Blumenstein and Carol Hymowitz, from The Wall Street Journal

Wild, Wild Qwest by Lou Kilzer, David Milstead, and Jeff Smith, from the Rocky Mountain News

The New Face of Shoplifting by Joanne Kimberlin, from The Virginian-Pilot

The Year the Music Dies by Charles C. Mann, from Wired

Big Battle for a Silly Old Bear: Who Owns the Honey Pot? by Meg James, from the Los Angeles Times

The Monopolist by Connie Bruck, from The New Yorker

From Heroes to Goats . . . and Back Again? by Jerry Useem, from Fortune

A Virtuous Cycle by James Surowiecki, from Forbes