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More editions of Haunted Salem: Strange Phenomena in the Witch City (Haunted Series):

  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: Heart and Soul: A Spiritual Course for Meeting
  • I Bring You Glad Tidings
    ISBN 0671026127 (0-671-02612-7)
    Hardcover, Atria

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    Find signed collectible books: 'I Bring You Glad Tidings'
    Book summary:

    The magic of angels can touch us every day....

    They are messengers of hope and peace, guardians who guide our steps on life's twisting paths....The magnificence of angels is never more resplendent than in the Christmas season. To the men and women who have seen and felt their presence at Christmastime, angels are real beings of awesome power and mystery. In this wonderful and inspiring collection, real-life angel encounters are captured in all of their inexplicable, overpowering beauty. Discover how everyday people have been blessed by angels, and how their experiences have transformed them -- heart, mind, and soul.

    Bestselling author Rosemary Ellen Guiley has woven a stunning tapestry of Christmas angel stories -- each one a unique testament to the triumph of the human spirit, and a dazzling reflection of how angels work in our lives each day, and in unseen ways.

  • David M. Brownstone: The Manager's Advisor
  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: The Miracle of Prayer: True Stories of Blessed Healings
  • Monsters of West Virginia: Mysterious Creatures in the Mountain State
    ISBN 0811710289 (0-8117-1028-9)
    Softcover, Stackpole Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Monsters of West Virginia: Mysterious Creatures in the Mountain State'
    Book summary:

    Monsters of West Virginia Features . . . Mothman The Grafton Monster The Wampus Cat White Things Other bizarre creatures, including Bigfoot, lizard people, and out-of-place panthers Full description

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  • Moonscapes: A Celebration of Lunar Astronomy, Magic, Legend, and Lore
    ISBN 0135416817 (0-13-541681-7)
    Hardcover, Prentice Hall General

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Moonscapes: A Celebration of Lunar Astronomy, Magic, Legend, and Lore'
    Book summary:

    Will delight anyone who has ever marveled at the effect of Earth's satellite on the tides. A compendium of lunar lore -- fact & fantasy -- from prehistoric times to the Apollo program & thru the 1980s. Beginning with lunar science & history, it presents a potpourri of facts from alchemy to modern astronomy. Includes religious & mythological aspects of the moon, including its influence on fertility, love, prosperity, & good fortune; its use in magic, initiation rites, divination, & witchcraft; & its association with dark powers & creatures of the night, such as werewolves, vampires, & the spirits of the dead. Elegant illustrations, sidebars, charts, & lists.

  • The Mystical Tarot (Signet)
    ISBN 0451168003 (0-451-16800-3)

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Mystical Tarot (Signet)'
    Book summary:

    From the bestselling author of The Encyclopedia of Dreams comes the perfect Tarot user's guide. Includes: Easy-to-understand diagrams and illustrations Instructions on laying out, reading, and interpreting the cards A history of the Tarot A glossary of symbols An appendix to crystals and stones Advice on Tarot meditation Differences and implications of various Tarot decks The relationship between Tarot and Kabbalism Tarot interpretations by experts and more.

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  • Spirit Communications (Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena)
    ISBN 0791093913 (0-7910-9391-3)
    Chelsea House Pub (L)

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Spirit Communications (Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena)'
    Book summary:

    There are spectacular failures and frauds, and equally spectacular alleged successes. "Spirit Communications" explores all of these modes of communication and, wherever possible, separates fiction from fact. The book discusses how spirit communications work and what communicators do, but cautions young readers against do-it-yourself spirit communications, such as entering into trances or using risky devices, since the practices can be dangerous for those who are unprepared. Chapters of this book include: Dreams and Visions; Ritual Trances and Altered States; Seance Spirits; Interdimensional Tools; Psycho-What? Machine Mediums; and, Channeling - Calling the Universe.

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  • Tales Of Reincarnation
    ISBN 0671662570 (0-671-66257-0)
    Softcover, Pocket

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    Find signed collectible books: 'TALES OF REINCARNATION'
    Book summary:

    Millions are drawn to the subject of reincarnation--and with New Age literature enjoying a huge boom in sales and consumer awareness, Tales of Reincarnation is guaranteed to fly off the shelves! Provocative, frightening, mesmerizing, here is a collection of the most convincing true-life reincarnation cases on record today.

  • Talking to the Dead
    ISBN 076532539X (0-7653-2539-X)
    Softcover, Forge Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Talking to the Dead'
    Book summary:

    Throughout history, people have sought ways to contact the dead and spirits. Such experiences challenge beliefs and often set people on a path of deeper exploration, looking for validationand ways to have controlled, direct contact. Do spirit communication devices really work? What are the prospects of someday being able to pick up a cell phone or sit in front of a webcam and talk to the Other Side? While proof of contact is still elusive, there is an abundance of tantalizing evidence and experience to inspire people.

    For the past century, inventors have been inspired by the spirits themselves to create telephone, video, radio, and computers to attempt real-time, two-way communication with the dead and other entities.

    Talking to the Dead explores the colorful history and personalities behind spirit communications, weaving together spirituality, metaphysics, science, and technology. It examines the idea that new technology can connect to the ancient and universal wisdom of the music of the spheres; that contact with the spirit realms can be made through the vibrations of sound.

  • The Tao of Dreaming
    ISBN 0425202801 (0-425-20280-1)
    Softcover, Berkley Trade

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Tao of Dreaming'
    Book summary:

    A holistic approach to dreams, health, and healing that blends the wisdom of East and West.

    An expert in Western dream interpretation joins a doctor of Oriental medicine to help readers delve into their dreams-and emerge with the gifts of health, personal growth, change, and problem solving. In this unique book, the principles of Taoism-a holistic treatment of body-mind-spirit, the balance of yin and yang, and the five basic elements-serve as a backdrop for dream exploration and interpretation.

    Each of these is essential to the health and function of body-mind-spirit-- and, as this guide shows, is key to unlocking one's dreams. Western dreamwork, on the other hand, emphasizes the hidden, unconscious meanings of dreams. Never before has Western thought complemented Eastern principles so well. Now readers can take advantage of both worlds. This guide includes:

    - A comprehensive glossary of dream objects, symbols, actions, and animals
    - Exercises using Eastern and Western wisdom to develop dreamwork techniques
    - Guidance on action to take for healing, growth, and change
    - Sample dreams and their interpretations using the Tao of Dreaming method
    - Worksheets for dream study

  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: Vampires (Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena)
  • The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies
    ISBN 0738721719 (0-7387-2171-9)
    Softcover, Llewellyn Publications

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies'
    Book summary:

    If you fear one thing in life, fear the djinn. This groundbreaking book presents the findings of Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno's investigation into the powerful and mysterious interdimensional beings known as djinn or genies. It reveals what the djinn are, where they can be found--and their hidden agenda against the human race.
    Working with material compiled from a variety of sources--including their own case files, Middle Eastern lore, the Qur'an, teachings of Islamic scholars, and the latest theories in quantum physics--the authors explore the relationship between the djinn, demons, fairies, shadow people, and extraterrestrials. They discuss the military's interest in these clandestine beings, offer eyewitness accounts of modern human encounters with the djinn, and reveal the location of interdimensional entry points in North America.

  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: Wellness
  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: WELLNESS PRAYERS FOR COMFORT AND HEALING (Silhouette Special Edition)
  • Witches and Wiccans (Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena)
    ISBN 0791098966 (0-7910-9896-6)
    Softcover, Checkmark Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Witches and Wiccans (Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena)'
    Book summary:

    This work offers a compelling examination of witches and witchcraft in both folklore and history. While most people are familiar with the classic image of a witch as a frightening figure riding through the night sky on a broomstick, true witchcraft is something very different. "Witches and Wiccans" explores witches and witchcraft throughout the ages, in both folklore and history. It discusses what people have believed about witches in different time periods, witchcraft practices from different cultures around the world, and how societies have perceived witches. With this look at the modern Wicca practices, the principles of Wicca, and how they differ from the witches of legend, readers will gain a better understanding of what modern-day practitioners do to commune with unseen forces. Chapters include: The Inquisition's Reign of Terror; Anatomy of a Witch Trial and Execution; Witchcraft in Early America; Witchcraze in Salem; and, Wiccan Celebrations.

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