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Learn the secrets that Sheriff Valenti is dying to find out and test your Roswell IQ with these pop quiz questions, plus many more!

  • Roswell Pop Quiz (Roswell High)
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743411994 (0-7434-1199-4)
    Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Roswell Pop Quiz (Roswell High)'
    Book summary:

    Do you know the secrets of Roswell? Test your expertise by answering questions straight from the final quiz in the secret agents' training manual and discover if you know your stuff -- or if you have mysteries left to unearth. Packed with photos and filled with tricky questions about your favorite characters, plots, and the town of Roswell, this book reveals who really knows the truth...

  • What highway is the main thoroughfare in and out of town?
  • What was Agent Topolsky's cover when she was investigating the students of Roswell High?
  • Who was the emcee at the Roswell Crash Festival?
  • Which hand did Max use to heal Liz?

    Learn the secrets that Sheriff Valenti is dying to find out and test your Roswell IQ with these pop quiz questions, plus many more!

  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Ten Little Witches
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0689864396 (0-689-86439-6)
    Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Ten Little Witches'
    Book summary:

    An Other Realm Halloween party
    ...for mortals?

    When Harvey Kinkle gets an invitation, he's told he can bring one witch -- and what better witch to party with than Sabrina? But even Salem, the master of dastardly tricks, can't figure this one out; so Sabrina agrees to accompany Harvey. After all, she can't let him go alone to the Other Realm.

    In true Other Realm form, this is no ordinary Halloween party. The mysterious host is nowhere to be found, and the motley crew of partygoers is disappearing one by one. Sabrina doesn't know who would ruin a witch's favorite day, but she's determined to get to the bottom of this mystery...before she's the last witch standing.

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Official Episode Guide
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0752264931 (0-7522-6493-1)
    Softcover, Boxtree Ltd

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Official Episode Guide'
    Book summary:

    The first ever Sabrina episode guide, covering all five seasons. Sabrina is everybody's favourite teenage witch: pretty but accessible and smart. Due to start its fifth season in the UK in November, Sabrina the Teenage Witch pulls in 2m viewers in its ITV afternoon slot. Sexy, but not too sexy, Sabrina is the ideal role model for female teens and preteens and also appeals to the mums (and dads!) for whom it is a Bewitched nostalgia trip. Series five sees Sabrina go to college and move in with three wacky chums, whilst still staying in constant contact with her two aunts. Salem, the wise-talking Warlock-turned-cat, shares his time between the two households whilst serving out his 100-year penance. This official book will be an illustrated guide covering the first five series, going behind the scenes, interviewing the stars and with a resume of every episode. It will even have a DIY spell section for budding young witches, so that they can turn their brothers into toads!

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  • Shockwave (Star Trek)
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743464559 (0-7434-6455-9)
    Hardcover, Star Trek

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Shockwave (Star Trek)'
    Book summary:

    Thirty-six hundred colonists were incinerated in the blast. Every living thing, every building, everything on the surface of the planet was destroyed in the fireball. Only one ship could have been responsible for such wholesale destruction - the USS Enterprise. Recalled to Earth by Starfleet, Captain Jonathan Archer is only too well aware that the Vulcan High Command is citing the disaster as irrefutable proof that humanity should never have been allowed to explore deep space. And yet...The mysterious Crewman Daniels, who claims to be a soldier in the temporal Cold War, thrust back in time from the thirty-first century, offers Archer a lifeline. According to Daniels, history recorded no such disaster. No colonists died. The Enterprise was never recalled. Armed with new hope, Archer sets out to prove the innocence of his ship and his crew. But time is a swiftly moving river, in whose treacherous eddies Enterprise and her captain are caught. Against all odds, can Archer unmask the forces that are manipulating the fabric of truth?

  • Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743464567 (0-7434-6456-7)
    Pocket Books/ Simon & Schuster

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave'
    Book summary:

    The Starship Enterprise" NX-01 has carried its crew farther into the reaches of space than any human has ever travelled. Commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, they have charted new stars, explored planets, and made first contact with many alien races.
    The Paraagan deep-space colony was just another first contact, unusual only in two aspects: it was a matriarchal society, and the planet's upper atmosphere was filled with a highly volatile gas. But the officers of Enterprise knew how to handle their shuttlepod, and they understood the Paraagan landing protocols. As the shuttlepod descended, they closed the plasma vents, certain that nothing could escape and ignite the gas.
    Thirty-six hundred colonists were vaporized in the blast. Every building, every living thing, everything on the surface was destroyed in the fireball. Could the Enterprise crew have caused the destruction?
    Recalled, Archer knows that the Vulcan High Command has convinced Starfleet of what they have long insisted. Humans are not ready for deep-space exploration.
    But these were not the events as history recorded them. No one died. Enterprise was never recalled. This is the startling information offered by the mysterious Crewman Daniels -- who claims to be from the thirty-first century and a foot soldier in the temporal cold war. Archer sets out to prove Enterprise's innocence. But time is a swiftly moving river in whose deadly rapids Enterprise is caught. Is there really anything they can do?

  • Star Trek Voyager Companion
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743417518 (0-7434-1751-8)
    Softcover, Star Trek

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Star Trek Voyager Companion'
    Book summary:

    The definitive guide to the entire Star Trek: Voyager series. This fully illustrated companion is absolutely packed with must-have information, including seven years of episode guides, original photographs and character profiles. All the main characters from the series have extended coverage, with actors giving personal insights and inside information on their roles. Every episode -- more than 170 in total -- is discussed in detail, each one accompanied by data points on the crew, the ship and its place in the Delta Quadrant. Plus there is a special index which features short summaries of all the episodes for quick and easy reference. Additional features include a particular focus on favourite themes which figure strongly in the Star Trek: Voyager universe, such as Captain Proton, Time Travel and Contact with the Alpha Quadrant. The book is packed with black and white pictures, including many on-set or behind-the-scenes photographs seen here for the first time. Starting with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, which set the benchmark for Pocket Books' series companions, and continuing with the Deep Space Nine Companion (described by SFX as "the reference work fans have been waiting for, and the best non-fiction Trek book to date"), readers have come to rely on these books as the ultimate viewers' guides. Now it is the turn of Star Trek: Voyager fans to be delighted by the sheer wealth of Voyager facts and background this latest volume contains.

  • Ruditis, Paul: Ten Little Witches (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Unnumbered))
  • Topsy-turvy (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch)
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743441095 (0-7434-4109-5)
    Softcover, Simon & Schuster Children's

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Topsy-turvy (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch)'
    Book summary:

    Everybody's favourite teenage witch is back with this topsy-turvy adventure. It's not easy being a witch. Sabrina sets out to show her friends what a day in her life is really like. Of course, she gets good grades and has a cute boyfriend, but would her friends like it if they had to hide the teeny weeny fact of being a witch all the time? In an attempt to make them understand what a topsy-turvy world her life can be, Sabrina casts a spell...

  • Topsy-Turvy (Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, No. 44)
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743442407 (0-7434-4240-7)
    Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Topsy-Turvy (Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, No. 44)'
    Book summary:

    Walk a mile in my shoes

    Sabrina's friends think her life is perfect -- she gets straight As, has a great job, and the coolest wardrobe. But they have no idea how hard it is for Sabrina to hide her magical powers.

    Sabrina tries to conjure up a spell that will put her friends in her shoes -- now they'll know what it's really like to spend a day in the life of Sabrina Spellman. Student, friend, niece, waitress, reporter, and witch!

    But when Sabrina casts the spell everything gets turned upside down! Mortals are recklessly using her magic, her aunts don't remember ever having been witches, and Sabrina is completely powerless.

    Sabrina's really done it this time...

  • Valentine's Day Party (Trollz)
    by Paul Ruditis , Emily Oz, Monique Stephens
    ISBN 043984634X (0-439-84634-X)
    Softcover, Scholastic Inc.

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Valentine's Day Party (Trollz)'
    Book summary:

    It's all about the hair!

    Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire, Onyx, and Ruby are super excited about the Trollzopolis High Valentine's Day party! This fabulous four-color chapter book is chock-full of bright illustrations, recipes, crafts, and two sheets of stickers. It's a Valentine's Day the BFFL (Best Friends For Life) will never forget!

  • Vigilance (Alias)
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 1416909281 (1-4169-0928-1)
    Pocket Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Vigilance (Alias)'
    Book summary:

    It bothers Agent Sydney Bristow's conscience that too often her job asks her to work with criminals she would much rather put away. She understands the logic - the lesser of two evils approach is all too familiar to her - but that doesn't make it any easier to accept. Someone else disagrees. APO's more dubious contacts are being assassinated, with only a calling card depicting a black star with the number thirteen in its centre for a lead. When it becomes clear that a lethal, highly trained vigilante organisation is interfering with APO's missions, Sydney must put aside her empathy and help shut down these mysterious "13 Stars". But when Sydney herself is mistaken for a freelance terror agent, she worries that the mistake is not so far from the truth. And now that she's marked, both her cover and welfare are in immediate jeopardy...

  • The Warren Witches (Charmed)
    by Laura J. Burns, Micol Ostow, Greg Elliot, Paul Ruditis , Erica Pass, Cameron Dokey, Diana G. Gallagher
    ISBN 0689878761 (0-689-87876-1)
    Softcover, Gallery Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Warren Witches (Charmed)'
    Book summary:

    Binding Ties

    The most important thing in the Charmed Ones' lives isn't magic, and it's not their jobs or their clothes. It's family. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are Warren witches -- the latest in a long line of women with incredible supernatural strength. For more than two centuries, the Warren witches have fearlessly practiced magic: From Melinda Warren in the 1600s to the Charmed Ones in 2005, the power of these witches is unsurpassed.

    The Warren Witches recounts never-before-told stories of their lives -- as women, as witches, and, most important, as members of a family of considerable magical strength and power. Above all, they are family; beyond all, they are witches.

  • The Watcher's Guide, Volume 3 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    by Paul Ruditis , Allie Costa
    ISBN 0689869843 (0-689-86984-3)
    Softcover, Gallery

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Watcher's Guide, Volume 3 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)'
    Book summary:

    As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.

    From the first vampire staking to the last glimpse of Sunnydale, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a genre-busting hit, attracting millions of fans worldwide. The last three seasons ran the gamut from an episode without music to a musical episode, from the arrival of a teenage sister to the death of Buffy (again).

    Now the third volume in this best-selling series of companions will break down every episode of seasons five, six, and seven -- from the villains and the victims to quotables and love bytes -- as well as take a wide-ranging look back at the entire run of the show.

    Additional features:

    " Flashback Foreshadowing: A line-by-line deconstruction of the portents in the season four finale, "Restless"

    " "Lost" lines of dialogue, stage directions, and descriptions cut from the original teleplays

    " The Trio's Pop-Culture Explosion: Mastering the references of Geek Speak

    " Critical (and not-so) essays from a variety of contributors on topics from Buffy's romantic optimism to Dawn's unfulfilled potential

    Seven years, 144 episodes, 3 Slayers, 3 principals, 2 networks, 2 vampires with souls, 2 Watchers, 2 pigs, 1 Master, 1 Mayor, and 1 hit show (with tons of Potentials): It all adds up to one must-have volume!

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  • The "West Wing" Companion
    by Ian Jackman, Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0752265091 (0-7522-6509-1)
    Hardcover, Channel 4 Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The "West Wing" Companion'
    Book summary:

    Step inside the Bartlet Administration in this detailed official companion to one of televisions most sophisticated dramatic series. Created by Aaron Sorkin, "The West Wing" won nine Emmy Awards in its first season alone, and is acclaimed for its writing, portrayals, and an intelligent, authentic depiction of White House life.

  • The West Wing (The Official Companion)
    by Ian Jackman, Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743437403 (0-7434-3740-3)
    Softcover, Pocket

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The West Wing (The Official Companion)'
    Book summary:

    A dark-horse candidate comes from behind to win his party's nomination. As if to spite the pollsters and talking heads, the frank and brilliant former governor, Jed Bartlet, captures the White House to become President of the United States. Surrounding himself with the best and the brightest, the president chooses his staff from the team responsible for putting him in the White House. Leo McGarry, the president's oldest friend -- and the man who convinces Bartlet to run -- is named chief of staff. One of the most powerful men in his party, Leo presides over the West Wing of the White House with a firm hand and a fatherly tone. With uncanny prescience, Leo puts his faith in Toby Ziegler, the only original staff member to make it through the campaign. Despite six previous failures, Toby's work along with a new team of friends and strangers, helps get Bartlet nominated and elected. Now, as the communications director for the White House, Toby holds an important role in crafting the president's word. Using the power instilled in him as an old family friend, Leo McGarry brings Josh Lyman to the campaign with a simple request to come hear Jed Bartlet speak. In a VFW hall in Nashua, New Hampshire, the skeptical Josh does come and is amazed to finally find a candidate to believe in. Convinced that the man should be president, Lyman gets his friend Sam Seaborn to quit his job at a major law firm where he is about to become a partner and join Bartlet's campaign. Gladly serving at the pleasure of President Bartlet, Sam is now the White House deputy communications director and his friend Josh is the deputy chief of staff. Two men from different backgrounds from opposite ends of thecountry are united not just by friendship but by their devotion to the president. "Is Jed Bartlet a good man?" is all that C.J. Cregg wants to know before she agrees to work for him. Toby Ziegler's assurance is all she needs to hear. In an age where the news cycle can last mere seconds, C.J. is the press secretary to the most demanding pool of reporters in the world, the White House Press Corps. With a staff of more than 1,100 people, the West Wing overflows with offices and personnel. Although the upper echelon provides the very public face of the White House, a support staff of hundreds regularly carries out the duties of the executive branch of the government. Filling these desks are numerous aides and assistants, like Donna Moss, who started working for Josh Lyman during the nomination campaign and is now "deputy-deputy chief of staff." Among her many responsibilities is to make sure that her boss is on time for meetings and fully prepared -- which sometimes means making sure that he is dressed. While the White House is very much a public institution, there is one man in particular whose job requires him to be either an imposing figure or totally invisible, often at the same time. Charlie Young, personal aide to the president, truly determines who has access. Among the many tasks laid out before this brilliant young man, he is first and foremost the keeper of the schedule. These people, and a staff of hundreds more, lead America from the most privileged office in the world, from inside THE WEST WING Step inside the Bartlet Administration in this richly detailed, perfectly imagined official companion to television's most sophisticated dramatic series, "TheWest Wing. Created by Aaron Sorkin, "The West Wing won nine Emmy(R) Awards, the Humanitas Prize, the Peabody Award, and three Television Critics Association Awards in its first season alone -- and is acclaimed for its superb writing, marvelous portrayals by a stellar cast, and an intelligent, authentic depiction of White House life. Now, the show that has set television's new standard brings you this insider's guide -- which not only presents fascinating details into how groundbreaking television is made, but captures the colorful world of "The West Wing and the nation's capital under the Bartlet Administration. The prestigious Peabody Award cited "The West Wing as "a magnificent episodic series that depicts the tension and back-room drama of presidential politics with an unusual mixture of maturity and humanity." Now, experience the excitement and authenticity of "The West Wing as never before, with this unique, in-depth tribute.

  • Ruditis, Paul: Where in the World Is Sabrina Spellman? (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Numbered Paperback))
  • Witch Way Did She Go? (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Book 37)
    by Paul Ruditis
    ISBN 0743418107 (0-7434-1810-7)
    Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Witch Way Did She Go? (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Book 37)'
    Book summary:

    Dazed and a-mazed

    Trying to outsmart her Magic Cue Ball, and gain more queries than her allotment, Sabrina asks it one impossibly long question. The Cue Ball overloads and crashes, and Sabrina and Salem are dropped into the center of a labyrinth, a giant maze in the Other Realm. Because they both abused the power of the Cue Ball -- Salem sneaked in a question on what would happen if he took over the world -- now they're stuck in the maze until they find their way out.

    To the right? To the left? Down that path? Through this doorway? It's one step at a time as Sabrina and Salem face down a mousetrap and a giant rolling marble, and solve Other Realm riddles to reach freedom.

  • Ruditis, Paul: Witch Way Did She Go? (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Numbered Paperback))
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