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More editions of Fly-Fishing Guide to the Henry's Fork: Hatches, Flies, Seasons & Guide Advice for 80 Miles of World-Class Water:

  • MIKE LAWSON: For God and the North: Concise History of Roundhead and Royalist Activity in the North of England
  • House Blood: A Joe DeMarco Thriller
    ISBN 0802119948 (0-8021-1994-8)
    Hardcover, Atlantic Monthly Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'House Blood: A Joe DeMarco Thriller'
    Book summary:

    House Blood DeMarco is asked to look into the murder conviction of a lobbyist. But he has other worries on his mind: his boss is no longer Speaker, his girlfriend has left him, andhis friend Emma may be dying. DeMarco doesn't expect to free the lobbyist - much less to become the target of two of the most callous killers he and Emma have ever encountered. Full description

  • Lawson, Mike: House Divided: A Joe DeMarco Thriller (Joe DeMarco Thrillers)
  • Mike Lawson: House Justice: (A Joe DeMarco Thriller)
    House Justice: A Joe DeMarco Thriller
    ISBN 1441747982 (1-4417-4798-2)
    Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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    Find signed collectible books: 'House Justice: (A Joe DeMarco Thriller)'
    Book summary:

    In his thrillers starring Joe DeMarco, Mike Lawson has made a name for himself as one of the most entertaining and insightful writers focusing on the dirty games played in our nations capital. In House Justice, an American defense contractor goes to Iran to sell missile technology, and the CIA knows all about it thanks to a spy in Tehran. But the story is leaked to an ambitious journalist and the spy is burned, brutally tortured, and executed.

    The director of the CIA isnt about to let the callous sacrifice of his valuable spy go unpunished. DeMarcos boss, Speaker of the House John Fitzpatrick Mahoney has his own reasons to get to the bottom of the leak: he once had a fling with the journalist, and now that shes in jail for refusing to reveal her source, she is threatening to tell all unless he helps get her out.

    DeMarco and the CIA arent the only ones looking for the source of the leak. Someone else wants to avenge the spys death, and is tailing DeMarco hoping hell lead him to his prey. House Justice is classic Mike Lawsonó fascinating characters, inside-the-beltway intrigue, and a gripping plot packed with surprises.

  • Mike Lawson: House Justice (A Joe DeMarco Thriller)(Library Edition) (Joe DeMarco Thrillers)
  • Mike Lawson: House Justice (A Joe DeMarco Thriller, Book 5)(Library Edition) (Joe DeMarco Thrillers)
  • Mike Lawson: House Justice [With Earbuds] (Joe DeMarco Thrillers (Playaway))
  • Lawson, Mike: House Odds: A Joe DeMarco Thriller (Joe DeMarco Thrillers)
  • Mike Lawson: House Rules (A Joe DeMarco Thriller)(Library Edition)
    House Rules: A Joe DeMarco Thriller
    ISBN 1441757732 (1-4417-5773-2)
    Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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    Find signed collectible books: 'House Rules (A Joe DeMarco Thriller)(Library Edition)'
    Book summary:

    In House Rules, two foiled terrorist attacks and a law targeting Muslim Americans send Joe DeMarco on a dangerous mission among mobsters, meth dealers, and the Washington political elite.
    First there was the bomb meant for the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, then a private plane headed straight for the White House is shot down. An atmosphere of fear and panic overruns the country, and when a senator proposes to run extensive background checks on all Muslims and deport any who arent citizens, his bill gains surprising traction. John Mahoney, the larger-than-life Speaker of the House, is not pleased. But Mahoney has a connection to one of the attackers, one he wants kept a secret. So he calls DeMarco, who attempts to get to the bottom of the attacks, and to pacify his difficult, yet charismatic boss in this riveting installment in the series.

  • Mike Lawson: House Rules (A Joe DeMarco Thriller, Book 3)(Library Edition)
  • Lawson, Mike: House Secrets
    House Secrets
    ISBN 1441757686 (1-4417-5768-6)
    Blackstone Audiobooks

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    Find signed collectible books: 'House Secrets'
    Book summary:

    Mike Lawsons previous novels starring Joe DeMarco, fixed for the Speaker of the House have earned him a loyal following from thriller aficionados and a place among the most talented and captivating thriller writers focusing on the dangerous games of our nations capital.
    In House Secrets, DeMarco is sent to investigate the death of a reporter, the son of one of his bosss old colleagues, even though it appears to be nothing more than an unfortunate accident. He soon learns that the reporter was on the trail of Senator Paul Morelli, a rising star considered a shoe-in for his partys presidential nomination. Some politicians are lucky, and Morelli has been luckier than most, but his past has already been thoroughly scrutinized and he looks clean. But then, why is DeMarco being followed by a pair of rogue agents who freelance for the CIA?
    Dirty secrets, beltway politics, and divided loyalties threaten as DeMarcos investigation spirals dangerously out of control. Filled with surprising twists, a captivating plot, and excellent characters both old and new, House Secrets is Lawsons best book yet.

  • Lawson, Mike: House Secrets: A Joe DeMarco Thriller [With Earbuds] (Playaway Adult Fiction)
  • Mike Lawson: House Secrets (A Joe Demarco Thriller, #4) (Library Edition)
  • Lawson, Mike: House Secrets (Joe DeMarco, Book 4)
  • Lawson, Mike: Hypnosis: The Entrancing Art
  • Lawson, Mike: The Inside Ring
    The Inside Ring
    ISBN 140009514X (1-4000-9514-X)
    Softcover, Anchor Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Inside Ring'
    Book summary:

    The Inside Ring is the first novel in Mike Lawsons critically acclaimed series of political thriller starring Joe DeMarco, fixer for the Speaker of the House. It opens with an assassination attempt on the president. He is only wounded, but his best friend and a Secret Service Agent are killed. It turns out that the attack wasn't without warning. General Andrew Banks, the Secretary of Homeland Security, received a note that the president was in danger, and even more alarming, that Secret Service agents guarding the president had been compromised.

    General Banks is reluctant to tell the FBI about the note, partly for self-serving political reasons, and partly because he doesnt want to damage the Secret Services reputation based on something that might very well be a hoax. So he requests help from his friend, Speaker Mahoney, and Mahoney assigns his man DeMarco to determine if the Secret Service was really involved. Moving at a breakneck pace, and packed with plenty of humor and suspense, The Inside Ring is a must-read for fans of political thrillers.

  • Mike Lawson: The Payback
    The Payback
    ISBN 0007197950 (0-00-719795-0)
    Softcover, Harper

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Payback'
  • The Second Perimeter
    ISBN 1400095166 (1-4000-9516-6)
    Softcover, Anchor Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Second Perimeter'
    Book summary:

    Joe DeMarco, a political gunslinger and trouble-shooter for John Mahoney, the conniving Speaker of the House, is asked to investigate what appears to be a minor case of fraud at a U.S. naval base. DeMarco discovers instead that an Asian espionage ring is stealing top secret data on nuclear submarines and that their leader, a deadly female spy, has a personal vendetta against DeMarcos friend and advisor, Emma, a retired DIA agent. DeMarco is in over his head, outwitted at every turn by people more lethal than any hes ever encountered, and he doubts that hell be able to protect Americas secrets or keep himself and his friend alive.

  • Spring Creeks
    ISBN 0811700682 (0-8117-0068-2)
    Hardcover, Stackpole Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Spring Creeks'
    Book summary:

  • A complete look at fly-fishing creeks and tailwaters utilizing a lifetime of on-the-stream experience through 315 brilliant photographs and 86 illustrations.
  • First-hand knowledge of waters he's fished throughout the United States and around the world.

    The most effective patterns to imitate mayflies, caddis flies, midge, crane flies, and terrestrials based upon personal observation and tying experience and the best ways to fish them.

  • Packed with solid information for fishing spring creeks from Mike Lawson's years of fly-fishing experience. Important chapters cover mayflies, caddis, midges, terrestrials, and aquatic insects. Plus, practical and proven advice on locating, stalking, playing, and landing trout and tactics for fishing dry flies, streamers, wet flies, and nymphs, from one of the best fly fishermen in the business.

  • Miller, Thomas: Using Citizen Survey Results to Improve Performance Where It Matters
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