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  • Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings: All New Listings of the Most Efficient Products You Can Buy
    by Jennifer Thorne, Alex Wilson, John Morrill
    ISBN 0918249465 (0-918249-46-5)
    Softcover, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings: All New Listings of the Most Efficient Products You Can Buy'
    Book summary:

    Alex Wilson, Jennifer Thorne and John Morrill Energy efficiency pays. For over a decade, the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings has helped people who care about their budgets and about the environment to find energy-saving products. Inside this new, 8th edition:

  • up-to-date lists of the most energy-efficiency appliances and equipment by brand name and model number
  • tips, diagrams, charts, and explanation on nearly every facet of home energy use insulation cooking windows dishwashing heating and cooling systems

  • laundry food storage lighting and much more

  • updated information on energy-efficiency equipment, appliance standards, and the latest tips for saving energy

  • expanded information on ENERGY STARŪ -labeled products, including new ones such as freezers and compact refrigerators

  • PLUS
  • which investments in energy efficiency pay for themselves

  • why Energy Guide labels on appliances can be misleading

  • which energy-saving products work and which offer more hype than savings

  • how to save hundreds of dollars by replacing your least efficient appliances and buttoning up your house

  • Join the millions of consumers who are saving money while saving the earth. Reduce your energy bills and make a positive impact on national security, the economy, and the environment.

  • Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, 1995
    by Alex Wilson, John Morrill
    ISBN 091824921X (0-918249-21-X)
    Softcover, Amer Council for An Energy

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, 1995'
    Book summary:

    by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

  • Firmly I Believe and Truly: The Spiritual Tradition of Catholic England
    by John Saward, John Morrill , Michael Tomko
    ISBN 0199677948 (0-19-967794-8)
    Softcover, Oxford University Press, USA

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Firmly I Believe and Truly: The Spiritual Tradition of Catholic England'
    Book summary:

    An Anthology of Writings from 1483 to 1999

    Firmly I Believe and Truly celebrates the depth and breadth of the spiritual, literary, and intellectual heritage of the Post-Reformation English Roman Catholic tradition in an anthology of writings that span a five hundred year period between William Caxton and Cardinal Hume. Intended as a rich resource for all with an interest in Roman Catholicism, the writings have been carefully selected and edited by a team of scholars with historical, theological, and literary expertise. Each author is introduced to provide context for the included extracts and the chronological arrangement of the anthology makes the volume easy to use whilst creating a fascinating overview of the modern era in English Catholic thought. The extracts comprise a wide variety writing genres; sermons, prayers, poetry, diaries, novels, theology, apologetics, works of controversy, devotional literature, biographies, drama, and essays. Includes writings by:
    John Colet, John Fisher, Thomas More, Robert Southwell, Philip Howard, Edmund Campion, John Gother, John Dryden, Mary Barker, Alexander Pope, Richard Challoner, Alban Butler, John Milner, Elizabeth Inchbald, Nicholas Wiseman, Margaret Mary Hallahan, A. W. N. Pugin, John Henry Newman, Henry Edward Manning, Frederick William Faber, Bertrand Wilberforce, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Vincent McNabb, Hilaire Belloc, Maurice Baring, G. K. Chesterton, R. A. Knox, J. R. R. Tolkien, Caryll Houselander, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, John Bradburne, Cardinal Hume

  • Morrill, John: Natl Convenant in Its Brit
  • Oliver Cromwell (Very Interesting People)
    by John Morrill
    ISBN 019921753X (0-19-921753-X)
    Softcover, Oxford University Press, USA

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Oliver Cromwell (Very Interesting People)'
    Book summary:

    Definitive, concise, and very interesting...From William Shakespeare to Winston Churchill, the Very Interesting People series provides authoritative bite-sized biographies of Britain's most fascinating historical figures - people whose influence and importance have stood the test of time. Each book in the series is based upon the biographical entry from the world-famous Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The Very Interesting People series includes the following titles: 1.William Shakespeare by Peter Holland 2. George Eliot by Rosemary Ashton 3. Charles Dickens by Michael Slater 4. Charles Darwin by Adrian Desmond, James Moore, and Janet Browne 5. Isaac Newton by Richard S.Westfall 6. Elizabeth I by Patrick Collinson 7. George III by John Cannon 8. Benjamin Disraeli by Jonathan Parry 9. Christopher Wren by Kerry Downes 10. John Ruskin by Robert Hewison 11. James Joyce by Bruce Stewart 12. John Milton by Gordon Campbell 13. Jane Austen by Marilyn Butler 14. Henry VIII by Eric Ives 15. Queen Victoria by K. D. Reynolds and H. C. G. Matthew 16. Winston Churchill by Paul Addison 17. Oliver Cromwell by John Morrill 18. Thomas Paine by Mark Philp 19. J. M. W. Turner by Luke Herrmann 20. William and Mary by Tony Claydon and W. A. Speck

  • The Oxford History of Britain: Volume 3: The Tudors and Stuarts
    by John Guy, John Morrill
    ISBN 0192852655 (0-19-285265-5)
    Softcover, Oxford University Press, USA

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Oxford History of Britain: Volume 3: The Tudors and Stuarts'
    Book summary:

    In five paperback volumes, "The Oxford History of Britain" tells the story of Britain and her peoples over 2000 years, from the coming of the Roman legions in 55 BC to the present day. This volume concentrates on Britain during the era of the Tudors and Stuarts. The Tudor age was marked by extreme pressure of population on economic resources, by religious conflict, and the threat of foreign invasion. The resultant political and religious tensions inherited by the house of Stuart are also analyzed: despite a marked decline in internal lawlessness, two civil wars, regicide, a republic, a restoration and a revolution followed each other in bewildering profusion.

  • The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History
    by Barry Cunliffe, Robert Bartlett, Joanna Bourke, Asa Briggs, John Morrill
    ISBN 0141009152 (0-14-100915-2)
    Softcover, Penguin Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History'
    Book summary:

    This is an atlas of British history, covering the history of these islands from prehistoric times to the present day. It has been compiled by a team of leading academic historians, with cartography based on recent findings and research. Instead of emphasizing English history at the expense of Welsh, Scottish and Irish history, this atlas places equal emphasis on each part of the British Isles and explores the ways in which each region has affected the others. The text is accompanied throughout by specially commissioned maps and hundreds of full-coloured photographs.

  • Residential Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency
    by Peter Du Pont, John Morrill
    ISBN 0918249082 (0-918249-08-2)
    Softcover, Amer Council for An Energy

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Residential Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency'
    Book summary:

    Book by Du Pont, Peter, Morrill, John

  • Du Pont, Peter: Residential Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency (Series on energy conservation and energy policy)
  • South From Corregidor
    by John Morrill
    ISBN 1484162404 (1-4841-6240-4)
    Softcover, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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    Find signed collectible books: 'South From Corregidor'
    Book summary:

    Republished by Mike Deal and Tim Deal with new introduction and additional information

    On the evening of 6 May, 1942, hours after US Army General Jonathan Wainwright surrendered all US and Filipino forces on the island of Corregidor and other fortified islands in Manila Bay to the Imperial Japanese Army, 18 US Navy sailors from USS Quail began their daring escape to freedom. Using a 36 foot motor launch, the 18 sailors, led by Lieutenant Commander John Morrill began their 2000 mile journey through Japanese infested waters.

    Their story is one of great audacity, where the generosity and bravery of the Filipino people, along with sheer luck played an integral role in the outcome of events. This World War II escape story was originally published as a series of Saturday Evening Post articles in December, 1942, and then as a book in early 1943. The book was written by Lieutenant Commander Morrill less than a year after the escape.

    This republished version of South From Corregidor is as the Skipper, as Lieutenant Commander Morrill is called by his crew, wrote it. Forty maps have been added to help show their journey, as well as six illustrations that were part of the Saturday Evening Post article. In addition, an Addendum is included that tells what happened to the 18 sailors.

  • Stuart Britain: A Very Short Introduction
    by John Morrill
    ISBN 0192854003 (0-19-285400-3)
    Softcover, Oxford University Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Stuart Britain: A Very Short Introduction'
    Book summary:

    The Great Fire, the Black Death, flip-flopping religious persecution, the overthrow and reinstatement of the monarchy. The Stuart Britain era, a notch on the timeline spanning roughly 1603-1714, is one of the most interesting times in the history of Britain. John Morrill's Stuart Britain: A Very Short Introduction brings us the major events, characters, and issues of the day. Special attention is given to the defeat King Charles I by the Parliamentary Army, and the successive waves of authoritarian Puritan, Protestant and Catholic rule which followed. Vividly illustrated and full of intriguing details, this is an ideal introduction a fascinating time.

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