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More editions of Foundations of Python Network Programming: The comprehensive guide to building network applications with Python (Books for Professionals by Professionals):

  • Linux Programming Bible
    by John Goerzen
    ISBN 0764546570 (0-7645-4657-0)
    Softcover, Wiley

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    Book summary:

    The Linux Programming Bible is the definitive reference for beginning and veteran Linux programmers. Written by John Goerzen, a developer for the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution, this comprehensive guide leads you step by step from simple shell programs to sophisticated CGI applications.

    You'll find complete coverage of Linux programming, including:

    • Techniques for C/C++, Perl, CGI, and shell programming
    • Basic tools, such as bash, regular expression, sed, grep, Emacs, and more
    • Communication using semaphores, pipelines, FIFOs, and TCP/IP
    • Practical tips on CVS collaboration security, and performance optimization
    • Linux C tools, including compilers, libraries, and debuggers
    Filled with savvy programming advice and clear code examples, the Linux Programming Bible is all you need to take your Linux programming skills to the next level.

  • Linux Unleashed (4th Edition)
    by Bill Ball, John Goerzen , David Pitts, Billy Ball
    ISBN 0672316889 (0-672-31688-9)
    Softcover, Sams

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Linux Unleashed (4th Edition)'
    Book summary:

    The authors of Linux Unleashed, Fourth Edition, know that their operating system is best at lurking in the background, reliably plugging away as a server platform. They cover a few graphical user interfaces (GUIs) just for the sake of comprehensiveness, but this book focuses on the Linux 2.2.5 kernel and the most popular server software you can run on it.

    For the most part, this book treats Linux generically, though the hand-holding installation section uses Red Hat Linux 6 as its primary example. (Less explicit sections cover installation of Caldera OpenLinux and Debian GNU/Linux.) The authors have also done great work in highlighting differences among the distributions as they crop up during the tutorials. For example, they're careful to explain the (significant) differences among the three distributions' implementations of DNS service. Attention to variations among them is one way this book distinguishes itself from its (many) competitors. Prose sometimes is accidentally poetic--"Samba won't work without a working network"--and generally clear, accurate, and easy to follow.

    Like all books in the Unleashed series, this one includes some programming coverage. While it adequately introduces the reader to the Linux development environments for several languages and will probably make some readers aware of languages they might not have known before coming to Linux (like gawk and Motif), the programming material doesn't get into any real problem solving. The authors just show how each language works, detailing loops, arrays, and basic syntax--it's introductory or refresher material, depending on your perspective. Regardless, the excellent coverage of Linux and its server software makes this book a worthwhile buy, particularly if you want to try out several distributions. --David Wall

    Topics covered: Linux 2.2.x and three of the most popular distributions of it (Red Hat, Debian, and Caldera). Installation, TCP/IP network configuration, and the basics of system administration are all here, but most readers will appreciate coverage of server software the most. The authors cover Web, FTP, mail, and print servers, plus implementations of the Domain Name System (DNS). File-sharing resources, including Samba and the Network File System (NFS), receive plenty of attention too. Rudimentary programming coverage includes Perl, Motif, gawk, Tcl/Tk, C/C++, and Java.

  • Stanger, James: Professional Linux Administration
    Professional Linux Administration
    by James Stanger, John Goerzen
    ISBN 0471781304 (0-471-78130-4)
    Softcover, Hungry Minds Inc,U.S.

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  • Real World Haskell
    by Bryan O'Sullivan, John Goerzen , Don Stewart
    ISBN 0596514980 (0-596-51498-0)
    Softcover, O'Reilly Media

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    Book summary:

    This easy-to-use, fast-moving tutorial introduces you to functional programming with Haskell. You'll learn how to use Haskell in a variety of practical ways, from short scripts to large and demanding applications. Real World Haskell takes you through the basics of functional programming at a brisk pace, and then helps you increase your understanding of Haskell in real-world issues like I/O, performance, dealing with data, concurrency, and more as you move through each chapter. With this book, you will:

    • Understand the differences between procedural and functional programming
    • Learn the features of Haskell, and how to use it to develop useful programs
    • Interact with filesystems, databases, and network services
    • Write solid code with automated tests, code coverage, and error handling
    • Harness the power of multicore systems via concurrent and parallel programming

    You'll find plenty of hands-on exercises, along with examples of real Haskell programs that you can modify, compile, and run. Whether or not you've used a functional language before, if you want to understand why Haskell is coming into its own as a practical language in so many major organizations, Real World Haskell is the best place to start.

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