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  • David Levy's Guide to Variable Stars
    ISBN 0521608600 (0-521-60860-0)
    Softcover, Cambridge University Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'David Levy's Guide to Variable Stars'
    Book summary:

    Found throughout the universe, variable stars are fascinating objects to observe. Their brightness changes over time and they can easily be seen with even the most basic equipment. David Levy explains how to begin electronic (or CCD) observing, as well as how to observe variable stars through a small telescope or binoculars. Featuring a section on Southern hemisphere stars, this book covers various types of objects that can be observed by amateur astronomers, including more exotic phenomena like gamma ray bursts, blazars, and polars. It will motivate anyone with even a basic interest in astronomy to begin observing variable stars.

    David H. Levy is one of the most successful comet hunters in history. He has discovered twenty-one, eight of them using a telescope in his own backyard. With Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker at the Palomar Observatory in California, Levy discovered Shoemaker-Levy 9, the comet that collided with Jupiter in 1994, and is currently involved with the Jarnac Comet Survey, based at the Jarnac Observatory in Vail, Arizona.

    In addition to being the author or editor of 31 books and other products, David Levy is the Science Editor for Parade magazine and contributing editor for Sky and Telescope magazine and the Canadian periodical, SkyNews. Frequently interviewed in the media, he has given almost a thousand lectures and appeared on many television programs. His most recent CUP book is David Levy's Guide to Observing and Discovering Comets (Cambridge, 2003). First Edition Pb (1989) 0-521-62755-9

  • David H Levy: Deep Sky Objects: The Best And Brightest from Four Decades of Comet Chasing
  • Levy, David H.: Eclipse: A Journey to Darkness and Light
  • Impact Jupiter
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0306450887 (0-306-45088-7)
    Hardcover, Basic Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Impact Jupiter'
    Book summary:

    On July 16, 1994 a world-shattering event occurred that would rivet our attention for six explosive days and go on to make history as the single most important celestial event of the century. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into Jupiter, changing forever our understanding of comets and cosmic cataclysms. Our own sense of security would never be the same as the world witnessed fragment after fragment of the comet bash into Jupiter with the collective equivalent force of a 50-million-megaton bomb. David Levy, co-discoverer of periodic Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, shares his once-in-several-lifetimes' story from the time of the discovery, with Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker, of this unusual "squashed" comet to the later shocking revelation of hearing that "their" comet was destined to collide with Jupiter. Never in recorded history has a comet created such a catastrophic event as smashing into a planet. Impact Jupiter takes off where David Levy's earlier acclaimed book, The Quest for Comets, left us. Magnificent photos of the impacts, including superb color pictures, accompany David's poetic words, vividly bringing to life his thrilling story. Savor the words of one of the world's most celebrated amateur astronomers as he humbly and eloquently opens the beauty of the heavens to all who are curious.

  • Impact Jupiter: The Crash Of Comet Shoemaker-levy 9
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0738208809 (0-7382-0880-9)
    Softcover, Basic Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Impact Jupiter: The Crash Of Comet Shoemaker-levy 9'
    Book summary:

    An account of the discovery of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet and its spectacular collision with Jupiter, just 6 months later, written by one of the comet's discoverers.

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  • Levy, David H.: Man Who Sold the Milky Way: A Biography of Bart BOK
  • Hunter, Tim B.: Medical Devices, Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Eponyms: A Pocket Guide
  • Levy, David H.: More Things in Heaven and Earth: Poets and Astronomers Read the Night Sky
  • Observing Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, and the Zodiacal Light (Practical Astronomy Handbooks)
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0521066271 (0-521-06627-1)
    Softcover, Cambridge University Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Observing Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, and the Zodiacal Light (Practical Astronomy Handbooks)'
    Book summary:

    If you are an amateur astronomer, and comets, asteroids, meteors, and the zodiacal light are your quarry, then this is the book for you. Comet observers can learn how to make visual estimates of brightness and size, and how to make photographic studies of cometary heads and tails. Asteroid hunters will find a "life list" of objects and guidelines on how to search for them and then how to photograph or electronically image them. Practical photographic and electronic methods for studying meteors and meteor showers are provided. Visual and photographic techniques show you how to examine the often elusive zodiacal light. The more adventurous are provided with advanced techniques on how to make successful astrometric, spectroscopic and electronic observations. David Levy is the author of The Sky: A User's Guide (CUP, 1991). Both authors have had asteroids named after them.

  • Observing Variable Stars: A Guide for the Beginner
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0521627559 (0-521-62755-9)
    Softcover, Cambridge University Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Observing Variable Stars: A Guide for the Beginner'
    Book summary:

    Variable star astronomy is one field that still allows amateur astronomers to make significant contributions to the advancement of science. Everyone can play a part in variable star observations, using a small telescope, binoculars, or even the naked eye. Written by an award-winning astronomer, Observing Variable Stars provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of variable star observation for the amateur. The book begins with advice on binoculars and telescopes, and on how and when to observe stars effectively. Levy then explains the ways in which to interpret variation in light output in terms of the life of a star, from birth to sometimes violent death. All the major variables are described and classified, as well as other variable objects such as active galaxies, asteroids, comets, and the sun. The book also illustrates how astrophysicists interpret variations in light output in terms of the evolution of stars. Observing Variable Stars contains a seasonal guide to the night sky usable in all latitudes. Throughout, practical observations serve to complement the text, making this an enjoyable, readable introduction to an exciting area of astronomy.

  • The Practical Skywatcher's Handbook. by David H. Levy, John O'Byrne
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 1408157462 (1-4081-5746-2)
    Softcover, A&C Black

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Practical Skywatcher's Handbook. by David H. Levy, John O'Byrne'
    Book summary:

    This practical, hands-on guide is the sailor's essential atlas of the sky. Assuming no prior knowledge, this comprehensive, practical handbook helps the user at sea or on land read and understand the changing sky. Readers are given hands-on advice on how to read the night sky and star charts, as well as information on whether particular stars can be seen with the naked eye or require binoculars or a telescope. At the core of the book are 150 sky charts, showing what features can be seen in each position and when. Every constellation in the northern and southern hemisphere is mapped out. Simple methods are given for finding the biggest, brightest stars and then identifying other lesser stars by their relative position. For sailors out of the sight of land, celestial navigation really comes into its own - providing a sure means of checking the boat's position even when GPS and other electronics malfunction. This book will provide a complete reference as to what stars and constellations they should be able to use when and where in the world. The Practical Skywatcher's Handbook is ideal for anyone, on land or sea, wanting a complete guide to the night sky.

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  • Levy, David H.: Quest for Comets
    Quest for Comets
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0380725266 (0-380-72526-6)
    Softcover, Harper Perennial

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Quest for Comets'
  • Levy, David H.: The Quest for Comets: An Explosive Trail of Beauty and Danger
  • Levy, David H.: Sharing The Sky
  • Shoemaker by Levy: The Man Who Made an Impact
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0691113254 (0-691-11325-4)
    Softcover, Princeton University Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Shoemaker by Levy: The Man Who Made an Impact'
    Book summary:

    It was a lucky twist of fate when in the early1980s David Levy, a writer and amateur astronomer, joined up with the famous scientist Eugene Shoemaker and his wife, Carolyn, to search for comets from an observation post on Palomar Mountain in Southern California. Their collaboration would lead to the 1993 discovery of the most remarkable comet ever recorded, Shoemaker-Levy 9, with its several nuclei, five tails, and two sheets of debris spread out in its orbit plane. A year later, Levy would be by the Shoemakers' side again when their comet ended its four-billion-year-long journey through the solar system and collided with Jupiter in the most stunning astronomical display of the century. Not only did this collision revolutionize our understanding of the history of the solar system, but it also offered a spectacular confirmation of one scientist's life work. As a close friend and colleague of Shoemaker (who died in 1997 at the age of 69), Levy offers a uniquely insightful account of his life and the way it has shaped our thinking about the universe.

    Early in his training as a geologist, Shoemaker suspected that it wasn't volcanic activity but rather collisions with comets and asteroids that created most of the craters on the moon and most other bodies in the solar system. Convincing the scientific community of the plausibility of "impact theory," and revealing its power for penetrating mysteries such as the extinction of the dinosaurs and the timing of the Earth's eventual demise, became Shoemaker's mission. Through conversations with Shoemaker and his family, Levy reconstructs the journey that began with a young geologist's serious desire to go to the moon in the late1940s. Sent by the government to find a way to harvest plutonium, Shoemaker instead found evidence in desert craters for what became his impact theory. While he never became an astronaut, he did become the first geologist hired by NASA and subsequently set the research agenda for the first manned lunar landing.

    After a series of victories and setbacks for Shoemaker, the collision of Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter provided the most convincing proof to date of the role of impacts in our solar system. Levy's explanation of the scientific reasoning that guided Shoemaker in his career up to this dramatic point--as well as his personal portrait of a man who found white-water rafting to be an easy way to relax--sets these fascinating events in a human scale. This biography shows what Shoemaker's legacy will be for our understanding of the story of the Earth well into the twenty-first century.

  • Levy, David H.: The Sky: A User's Guide
  • Levy, David H.: The Sky in Early Modern English Literature: A Study of Allusions to Celestial Events in Elizabethan and Jacobean Writing, 1572-1620
  • Skywatching (Nature Company Guides)
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0737000791 (0-7370-0079-1)
    Softcover, Time Life Education

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Skywatching (Nature Company Guides)'
    Book summary:

    Great book for a Collector or Gift for the Holidays Actual photo of book dated 10/29/12

  • Skywatching: The Ultimate Guide to the Universe
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0002200287 (0-00-220028-7)
    Hardcover, Collins

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Collins Skywatching: Ultimate Guide to the Universe'
    Book summary:

    A comprehensive family reference guide to all the amazing phenomena of our night skies, with helpful charts and detailed photography This comprehensive introduction to our night skies has been written by a team of expert astronomers. Their collective experience, combined with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach creates the perfect guide to understanding galaxies, eclipses, the moon and constellations. Our solar system is brought to life through extraordinary images, and our night skies made easy to understand with colourful charts. Visually exciting and always informative, Skywatching covers both the historical and scientific aspects of astronomy. * Leads you through our immediate Solar System with the Sun, the Moon and the planets * Takes you into deep space, revealing the stars, galaxies and nebulae * Comprehensive bi-monthly star charts that can be used anywhere in the world, with constellation charts showing 85 star formations * Useful information on the equipment used for skywatching, from the huge optical telescopes used by professional astronomers to makeshift observatories

  • Starry Night: Astronomers and Poets Read the Sky
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 1573928879 (1-57392-887-9)
    Softcover, Prometheus Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Starry Night: Astronomers and Poets Read the Sky'
    Book summary:

    Over the centuries the starry night sky has inspired poets and scientists alike, and though the fruits of these inspirations take very different forms, they often enrich each other. Acclaimed science writer David Levy, the codiscoverer of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, has written this wonderful jewel of a book to celebrate the complementary visions of human wonder and curiosity that are expressed in the separate disciplines of poetry and astronomy.
    Levy, known for his infectious enthusiasm, traces the works of the greatest poets-Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, Shelley, and others-to show how they were influenced not only by the beauty of the heavens but by their times, celestial events, and moreover by the discoveries of such great scientists as Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton.
    How strong is the connection between literature and science? Levy says, "To think that science and poetry are two disciplines that are properly divorced from each other is to lose sight of what each is about and what their common goal is. In their highest forms, both are avenues of inquiry into the human condition and its relationship to the Universe. Knowing what that Universe is and how it is structured is fundamental to each."
    The book culminates with Levy's eloquent reflections on the spectacular crash into the planet Jupiter of the comet he discovered:
    "It was the most conspicuous marking ever seen on another planet. By the end of impact week, Jupiter lay bombarded with these dark clouds, markings that remained visible for almost a year. Thou too, O Comet beautiful and fierce, Who drew the heart of this frail Universe Towards thine own; till, wrecked in that convulsion, Alternating attraction and repulsion, Thine went astray and that was rent in twain; Oh, float into our azure heaven again! - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Epipsychidion, 1821"

  • Levy, David H.: Stars and Planets (Discoveries)
  • Levy, David H.: Stars and Planets (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries)
  • Levy, David H.: The Ultimate Universe
    The Ultimate Universe
    by David H Levy
    ISBN 0671012045 (0-671-01204-5)
    Hardcover, Byron Preiss

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Ultimate Universe'
  • Levy, David H: The universe for children: How astronomy-minded adults can help children to love the sky
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