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  • Evangelicalism & the Future of Christianity
    ISBN 0830816941 (0-8308-1694-1)
    Hardcover, InterVarsity Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Evangelicalism & the Future of Christianity'
    Book summary:

    Alister E. McGrath envisions a pivotal role for evangelicalism in shaping the future of Christianity.

  • Flight of the Outcasts (Aedyn Chronicles, The)
    ISBN 0310718139 (0-310-71813-9)
    Hardcover, Zondervan

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Flight of the Outcasts (Aedyn Chronicles, The)'
    Book summary:

    It has been almost a year since Peter and Julia first visited the land of Aedyn and, faced with the harsh reality of their fathers remarriage and two new horrible stepsiblings, theyre beginning to wonder if it was all a dream. As they run away from home one evening, they fall into a half-frozen river and find themselves back in Aedynbut this time theyve accidentally brought along their stepsister Louisa! Aedyn is deserted; the people taken captive and forced to work as slaves at the foot of a volcano on a distant island. As Peter and Julia wonder what has happened to their beloved country, a giant falcon appears and takes them to this island, the very place from which the Lord of Hosts saved his people centuries ago. The three children must find a way to save the prisoners and bring them back to Aedyn, but the earth is trembling and the volcano is starting to smoke. Theyre running out of time.

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  • For all the Saints: Evangelical Theology and Christian Spirituality
    ISBN 0664226655 (0-664-22665-5)
    Softcover, Westminster John Knox Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'For all the Saints: Evangelical Theology and Christian Spirituality'
    Book summary:

    How do theology and spirituality relate to one another? How does the Christian heart connect with the Christian mind? This collection of essays from leading evangelical theologians and writers addresses these concerns through providing scholarly and personal reflections. Here you will find discussion of the integration of theology and spirituality, biblical and classical sources for spiritual formation, a critique of how evangelicals have uncritically appropriated the rhetoric of spirituality, and also the use and abuse of spiritual disciplines by evangelicals.

  • Glimpsing the Face of God: the Search for Meaning in the Universe
    ISBN 0745950264 (0-7459-5026-4)
    Hardcover, William B. Eerdmans

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Glimpsing the Face of God: the Search for Meaning in the Universe'
    Book summary:

    Glimpsing the Face of God This work explores the observable order of the universe and the ways in which the natural sciences point to a discoverable God. It provides a guided tour to many forms of the search for meaning in the universe. Widely accepted ideas are scrutinized and dilemmas of certainty are addressed. Full description

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  • Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth
    ISBN 0061998990 (0-06-199899-0)
    Softcover, HarperOne

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth'
    Book summary:

    Why the Church must defend the truth.

    Our ongoing fascination with alternative Christianities is ondisplay every time a never-before-seen gospel text is revealed,an archaeological discovery about Jesus makes front-page news, or anew work of fiction challenges the very foundations of the church.Now, in a timely corrective to this trend, renowned church historianAlister McGrath examines the history of subversive ideas, overturningcommon misconceptions that heresy is somehow more spiritual orliberating than traditional dogma. In so doing, he presents a powerful,compassionate orthodoxy that will equip the church to meet thechallenge from renewed forms of heresy today.

  • I Believe: Exploring the Apostles' Creed
    ISBN 0830819460 (0-8308-1946-0)
    Softcover, IVP Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'I Believe: Exploring the Apostles' Creed'
    Book summary:

    • What are the basics of Christian belief?
    • How can you know the most important elements of the faith?
    • When you hear people talk about doctrines that seem unfamiliar, how can you know if they are at the core of Christianity or outside the center?
    The basics of Christian faith have remained the same for centuries. Affirmed by the church around the world since its earliest years, these truths are summarized in documents known as creeds. Among these, the Apostles' Creed is one of the most important. In this brief book, Alister McGrath introduces you to the essential truths about God the Father, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Divided into six sections with reflection and discussion questions included for each core truth, "I Believe" is ideal for your personal study or for use in a small group or Sunday school class. Here is the basic book you need to understand the basics of Christianity.

  • If I Had Lunch with Lewis: Exploring the Ideas of C. S. Lewis on the Meaning of Life
    ISBN 1414383789 (1-4143-8378-9)
    Hardcover, Tyndale House Publishers

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    Find signed collectible books: 'If I Had Lunch with Lewis: Exploring the Ideas of C. S. Lewis on the Meaning of Life'
    Book summary:

    What if you could ask C. S. Lewis his thoughts on some of the most difficult questions of life? If you could, the result would be Dr. Alister McGraths provocative and perceptive book, If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis. Best-selling author, prominent academic, and sought-after speaker, Dr. McGrath sees C. S. Lewis as the perfect conversation companion for the persistent meaning-of-life questions everyone asks.What makes Lewis a good dialogue partner is that his mind traveled through a wide and varied terrain: from atheism of his early life to his conversion later in life; from his rational skepticism to his appreciation of value of human desires and imagination; from his role as a Christian apologist during World War II to his growth as a celebrated author of classic childrens literature. The questions Lewis pondered persist today: Does life have meaning? Does God exist? Can reason and imagination be reconciled? Why does God allow suffering?Let McGrath be your insightful guide to an intriguing conversation with Lewis about the ultimate questions.

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  • In The Beginning
    ISBN 0340786183 (0-340-78618-3)
    Softcover, Hodder & Stoughton

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    Find signed collectible books: 'In The Beginning'
    Book summary:

    In the Beginning is Alister McGrath's history of the King James Bible, and as the subtitle explains, his explanation of "How It Changed a Nation, a Language, and a Culture." McGrath's story begins with the development of the printing press, describes the forces (before, during, and after the Reformation) fueling the demand for English vernacular translations of the Bible, and considers the impact of the King James Version on Western worship and politics. McGrath deftly blends an arch and charming, donnish argot with breezy, tough, brass-tacks directness. Of the ongoing process of creating new biblical translations, he writes, "It has yet to end; indeed, it will not end, until either history is brought to a close or English ceases to be a living language." Elsewhere, describing the cultural influence of the Authorized Version, he explains, "Without the King James Bible, there would have been no Paradise Lost, no Pilgrim's Progress, no Handel's Messiah, no Negro spirituals, and no Gettysburg address.") A professor of historical theology at the University of Oxford, McGrath has written a number of popular books about Christianity (including Theology for Amateurs). In The Beginning continues his work of making complex matters of theological thought and history accessible to a wider audience. --Michael Joseph Gross

  • The Journey
    ISBN 0340735333 (0-340-73533-3)
    Softcover, Doubleday

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    Find signed collectible books: 'THE JOURNEY'
    Book summary:

    This text is a book of spirituality, not about spirituality, aimed at the modern-day Christian for whom the spiritual classics can often seem inaccessible.

  • The Journey: A Pilgrim in the Lands of the Spirit
    ISBN 0385495897 (0-385-49589-7)
    Softcover, Galilee Trade

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Journey: A Pilgrim in the Lands of the Spirit'
    Book summary:

    "Here is a golden book on the Christian life, guaranteed to excite, encourage, and energize plodding pilgrims. Buy it, treasure it, and invest in a stack of copies to give away."
    --J.I. Packer

    In The Journey, Alister McGrath has created a map for Christians who wish to explore and enrich their spirituality. Using examples from the lives of renowned Christians such as Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, J.I. Packer, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and John Stott, he shows readers how to overcome the obstacles that can block the journey to God--doubt, distraction, temptation, tiredness, emptiness, and low self-esteem.

    These preachers, writers, and pastors encouraged their followers to look beyond the transitory concerns of this world, and to focus on God and what He offers to those who prevail on their spiritual journey--advice that continues to have merit today.

    The Journey is an essential book for all Christians, whether they are new to the faith or have been traveling on the Christian pathway for years.

  • Knowing Christ
    ISBN 0385503164 (0-385-50316-4)
    Softcover, WaterBrook Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Knowing Christ'
    Book summary:

    Alister McGrath is a widely acknowledged master of contemporary spirituality, and in Knowing Christ he has written a profound meditation on one of the most deceptively simple-sounding tenets of the Christian faith, the centrality of Christ in the life of his followers.

    Written in an accessible style that will appeal to Christians of all denominations, Knowing Christ aims to stimulate a more direct and intimate relationship between Christ and the reader by engaging not just the intellect but, more important, the heart and imagination. It is a work of spirituality saturated with biblical texts and themes, but it also draws on the rich tradition in art and literature of Christian reflection on the centrality of Christ throughout the ages. The result is a lively, engaging, and always inspiring book of twenty-first century spirituality from one of the world's most popular and respected Christian writers, a book that will strengthen the faith of all who read it.

  • McGrath, Alister: Knowing Christ (Hodder Christian Books)
  • Mere Theology - Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind
    ISBN 0281062099 (0-281-06209-9)
    Softcover, SPCK Publishing

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Mere Theology - Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind'
    Book summary:

    Alister McGrath explores how the great tradition of Christian theological reflection can enrich our faith and deepen our engagement with the concerns and debates of the world around us. Part 1 of this exhilarating volume looks at the purpose, place and relevance of Christian theology. Part 2 deals with the relation of the natural sciences and faith: here the core arguments of recent atheist writers are critically examined, including their demand for a 'New Enlightenment' In short, Mere Theology addresses matters of real importance for Christian life and thought. It will prove both encouraging and stimulating to all those concerned with developing a 'discipleship of the mind'

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  • The New Lion Handbook: Christian Belief
    ISBN 0745951570 (0-7459-5157-0)
    Softcover, Lion Books

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The New Lion Handbook: Christian Belief'
    Book summary:

    How have Christians come to believe what they do? Now more than ever, in an increasingly secularized generation, there is a need for clear explanation of the unique features of Christian belief. This well-established, highly-regarded Lion handbook has been fully revised, restructured, redesigned and rewritten by a new international team of contributors - with all these revisions carried out with the needs and interests of a new generation of readers in mind. Key features of The New Lion Handbook: Christian Belief include: * Major chapters on Faith, God, Jesus, Salvation, the Church and Christian Hope * Over sixty panels on subjects from the origins of the creeds to postmodernity * Expert authorship writing at an accessible level * Takes account of the differences in Christian belief across traditions * Over one hundred full-colour illustrations

  • The NIV Bible Companion
    ISBN 0340862807 (0-340-86280-7)
    Softcover, Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The NIV Bible Companion'
    Book summary:

    This one-volume commentary is ideal for gaining a firmly-rooted understanding of Scripture. Leading biblical themes are clearly introduced, avoiding complex technical detail. Maps and charts are interspersed throughout.

  • A Passion for Truth: The Intellectual Coherence of Evangelicalism (Theology)
    ISBN 0830815910 (0-8308-1591-0)
    Softcover, IVP Academic

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    Find signed collectible books: 'A Passion for Truth: The Intellectual Coherence of Evangelicalism (Theology)'
    Book summary:

    Voted one of Christianity Today's 1997 Books of the Year! Decades ago, evangelicalism was given up for dead in the academy. But since World War II, evangelical intellectualism has made a surprising comeback. Esteem has been regained especially in such disciplines as history and philosophy. Now evangelical theologians are making their bid for academic respectability. A Passion for Truth, written by one of evangelicalism's outstanding younger theologians, seeks to show that the movement has in its heritage excellent resources to engage the scholarly debates of the day. McGrath first sets forth the constructive ground on which evangelicalism stands, then shows how this revivified school of thought might respond to such important theological and cultural realities as postmodernism, religious pluralism and postliberalism. His book is fresh and exciting evidence that evangelicalism is coming of age.

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  • The Reenchantment of Nature: The Denial of Religion and the Ecological Crisis
    ISBN 0385500602 (0-385-50060-2)
    Softcover, Galilee Trade

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Reenchantment of Nature: The Denial of Religion and the Ecological Crisis'
    Book summary:

    In this provocative assessment of the world's current ecological crisis, the author of the critically acclaimed In the Beginning exposes the false assumptions underlying the conflicts between science and religion, and proposes an innovative approach to saving the planet.

    Traditionally, science and religion have been thought of as two distinct and irreconcilable ways of looking at the world, and scientists have often chastised the world's religions for keeping their eyes on the heavens and paying scant attention to the destruction of Earth's precious resources and its natural wonders. In The Reenchantment of Nature, Alister McGrath, who holds doctorates in both molecular biology and divinity, challenges this long-held and dangerously misguided dichotomy.

    Arguing that Christianity and other great religions have always respected and revered the bounty and beauty of the earth, McGrath calls for a radical shift in perspective. He shows that by defining the world in the narrowest of scientific terms and viewing it as a collection of atoms and molecules governed by unchanging laws and forces, we have lost our ability to appreciate nature's enchantments. In order to address the threats to our environment, he maintains, it is essential to reawaken our sense of awe and look at the world as a glorious creation, an irreplaceable gift of God.

    In setting forth a new framework for the debate between science and religion on ecological theory, The Reenchantment of Nature points the way to integrating two different traditions in a sane and productive effort to rescue the natural world from its present environmental decline.

  • McGrath, Alister: The Renewal of Anglicanism
  • Theology for Amateurs (For Amateurs series)
    ISBN 0340745533 (0-340-74553-3)
    Softcover, Hodder & Stoughton

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Theology for Amateurs (For Amateurs series)'
    Book summary:

    Theology for Amateurs encourages the reader to develop an understanding of God starting from his or her own level. This book challenges us to deepen our faith by asking questions that we might not normally consider, on topics such as the significance of the Cross, the nature of God, the meaning of the Trinity, and the authority of the Bible.

  • The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World
    ISBN 0385500629 (0-385-50062-9)
    Softcover, WaterBrook Press

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    Find signed collectible books: 'The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World'
    Book summary:

    In this bold and provocative new book, the author of In the Beginning and The Reenchantment of Nature challenges the widely held assumption that the world is becoming more secular and demonstrates why atheism cannot provide the moral and intellectual guidance essential for coping with the complexities of modern life.

    Atheism is one of the most important movements in modern Western culture. For the last two hundred years, it seemed to be on the verge of eliminating religion as an outmoded and dangerous superstition. Recent years, however, have witnessed the decline of disbelief and a rise in religious devotion throughout the world. In THE TWILIGHT OF ATHEISM, the distinguished historian and theologian Alister McGrath examines what went wrong with the atheist dream and explains why religion and faith are destined to play a central role in the twenty-first century.

    A former atheist who is now one of Christianitys foremost scholars, McGrath traces the history of atheism from its emergence in eighteenth-century Europe as a revolutionary worldview that offered liberation from the rigidity of traditional religion and the oppression of tyrannical monarchs, to its golden age in the first half of the twentieth century. Blending thoughtful, authoritative historical analysis with incisive portraits of such leading and influential atheists as Sigmund Freud and Richard Dawkins, McGrath exposes the flaws at the heart of atheism, and argues that the renewal of faith is a natural, inevitable, and necessary response to its failures.

    THE TWILIGHT OF ATHEISM will unsettle believers and nonbelievers alike. A powerful rebuttal of the philosophy that, for better and for worse, has exerted tremendous influence on Western history, it carries major implications for the future of both religion and unbelief in our society.

  • What Was God Doing on the Cross?:
    ISBN 1579109934 (1-57910-993-4)
    Softcover, Wipf & Stock Pub

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    Find signed collectible books: 'What Was God Doing on the Cross?:'
    Book summary:

    A book that brings to life the story of the cross and the resurrection--and impresses upon us the almost unbelievable truth that God allowed himself to be executed for our sake. McGrath challenges us to think and speak about the cross with freshness, directness, and vitality. An outstanding title for Lent and Easter. McGrath is the author of The Sunnier Side of Doubt and Explaining Your Faith.

  • Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Hodder Christian Essentials)
    ISBN 0340756748 (0-340-75674-8)
    Softcover, Hodder & Stoughton

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Hodder Christian Essentials)'
    Book summary:

    There are no easy answers to the problem of suffering. An honest engagement with biblical faith, however, can bring genuine help and understanding to even the darkest of situations. These personal reflections will bring hope to all who struggle intellectually, spiritually or physically with this real and difficult aspect of life.

  • Why God Won't Go Away - Engaging with the New Atheism
    ISBN 0281063877 (0-281-06387-7)
    Softcover, SPCK Publishing

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Why God Won't Go Away - Engaging with the New Atheism'
    Book summary:

    The recent rise of the New Atheism has aroused great general interest, thrown up questions of fundamental importance, and started a fascinating conversation. Why God Won't Go Away invites us to join in. The volume opens with a survey of the main ideas of the New Atheism, as expressed in the works of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. We then examine the core views of the movement closely, making due reference to its 'virtual community' of websites and blogs. Subjects explored include: whether religion is delusional and evil, the belief that human beings are fundamentally good, whether we should have faith only in what can be proved through reason and science, the idea that the best hope for humanity is a 'New Enlightenment' The result is a lively and highly thought-provoking volume that poses a number of interesting questions. Why is religion experiencing a resurgence in the twenty-first century, when we are meant to have grown out of such a primitive fixation? Has the New Atheism's fascination with rationality led to a fatal underestimation of the longing of the human heart to adore? And if, as Christopher Hitchens writes in exasperation, religion is 'ineradicable', doesn't this tiresome fact suggest that dismissing belief in God as irrational and unscientific might just be a waste of time?

  • Why God Won't Go Away: Is the New Atheism Running on Empty?
    by Alister Mcgrath
    ISBN 084994645X (0-8499-4645-X)
    Softcover, Thomas Nelson

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    Find signed collectible books: 'Why God Won't Go Away: Is the New Atheism Running on Empty?'
    Book summary:

    "A robust defense of the God of the Bible...This is a book for serious thinkers who wish to make God real in a world that has forgotten its Creator and Maker." -- Joni Eareckson Tada

    In a decade embroiled in fanaticism and fear, a renewed interest in the age-old debate over the question of God has reignited, giving rise to a new group of media-savvy contenders dubbed the New Atheists. As expressed in the works of best-selling authors like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, the New Atheists have found a foothold in todays cynical society, and have ramped up their efforts to debunk the existence of God.

    Renowned historian, theologian, and scholar Alister McGrath is on the frontlines of this conversation,  publicly debating many of these prominent skeptics. In this thoughtful and accessible volume, McGrath gives a spirited rebuttal to the claims of the New Atheists, critiquing the New Atheism on its own merits and exploring the fundamental questions:

    " Who are the New Atheists, and what do they believe?
    " Is religion delusional and evil?
    " Are human beings fundamentally good?
    " How do reason and science prove or disprove faith?
    " Is the best hope for humanity a New Enlightenment?

    Why God Wont Go Away explores how the movements ideas are defined and propagated, helping us understand the agendas and anxieties of this global movement and its appeal to society as a whole. Why God Wont Go Away explores what is new about New Atheism, critiques the movement on its core themes of violence, reason, and science, and asks, where does the New Atheism go from here?

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